• p70 #1-5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14,-17
  • Finish the Projected Sales part of the unit project
  • Did you hand in your Mayonnaise Assignment?

Study Guide

Terms to know:

  • Two term ratio
  • three term ratio
  • part to part ratio / part to whole ratio : What is the difference between them? 
  • rate / unit rate : What is the difference between a rate and a unit rate?
  • unit price
  • proportion

Things to know how to do:

  • How to write ratios in lowest terms
  • How to make equivalent ratios
  • When can a ratio be converted into a percent or a decimal?
  • How do you compare prices to find best buys?
  • How do you convert a ratios to decimals and/or percents
  • How to use proportions to find equivalent ratios
  • Use proportions to solve proportional situations involving ratios


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