Practice Tests

Are you looking to test yourself and see how well your studying is going?  Try these two practice tests before your final exam.

Review 1 Key:
1B 2C 3B 4C 5D 6A 7C 8C 9C 10B 11C 12C 13C 14A 15C 16A 1(7.87 days)

Review 2 Key:

1D 2B 3A 4C 5D 6B 7A 8A 9C 10D 11A 12C 13A 14B 15D 16D 17D 18C 2(x=5)

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (review.1.pdf)review.1.pdf 270 kB
Download this file (review.2.pdf)review.2.pdf 302 kB

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