Strategies for Success

Three links in the CHAIN of SUCCESS:

  1. Attendance: You cannot participate in the learning experience which occurs in each class if you are not present.  Notes and assignments are available online, but may not fully substitute for the classroom.
  2. Homework: daily practice is essential to Math to achieve your maximum potential.
  3. Seek extra help when needed: Take advantage of the extra help that is available to correct all your little mistakes before they turn into major obstacles.



  • homework is essential practice and an opportunity to test your understanding.  Lebron James was a gifted basketball player, but he also spends countless hours of practice to improve himself.  You should do the same with all of your studies
  • keep it neat and organised; you are the one who will use it for review at the end of the unit
  • mark your work as you do each question.  It is very important to find out if you are making mistakes early instead of practice mistakes and learning bad habits
  • Correct any errors.  If you are getting a wrong answer, you should find out what you are doing wrong
  • be honest with yourself; having the correct answer written on your homework isn't what's important.  Knowing the process to get there is far more important
  • Keep up to date with your homework

What if you have a problem?

  • make good use of your class time. Work on your practice here so you can ask questions if you get stuck.  You have a teacher and friends who can help you in the math classroom
  • If you are still puzzled by something at the end of class, arrange to see your teacher for extra help before or after school or at lunch.  Don't forget that your teacher can be reached by email or sometimes through this website!
  • If you have difficulties completing your homework, see your teacher before the next class for extra help. Don't wait until the start of next class to do this!
  • Don't wait until the day of the test to get extra then, it's probably too late.

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