Game Interface

Positioning and Styles

Are you up for a challenge?

Use the graphic located at "" and Build a Bear.  The bear.png file is a sheet filled with body parts. Choose parts of the body and put each on a layer and reposition them using z-index, absolute positioning and build a bear!

You can use the following document for some assistance in helping you figure out how to put the pieces together.  Refer to style documentation (through google) to understand what the properties can do.

Read more: Positioning and Styles


Most of your game will be done as a basic text webpage.  You will need to be able to understand and work with basic concepts in HTML, including struture and syntax an understand how tags work.  Once you are familiar with those ideas, you will be adding in forms, which are ways to pass information from your web browser (client) to the websige (server) where all of the calcualtions and results will be done using the information that you send.  The results will then be presented in a new webpage.  If you want to be able to adjust how the display looks, then Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a good way to format your page.

Read more: Overview

Basic HTML

In order to present your output to the user, you will need to develop dynamic web pages.  This means that you will actually generate your webpage from sections and present certain sections to the user.  Imagine that all of your dispaly is created on pieces of paper and you will decide which pieces that the user will see at any given time.  This is how we are going to dynamically create our web pages; we will have certain sections of code that we will present to the user depending on what they need to see at any given time.  In order to do this, we need to be able to decide what we will show to the user and include it in our page as necessary.

Are you unsure of how basic HTML tags work?  You might want to visit some of the following websites:

Modify the following text:



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The FORM tag

The most important HTML element for our game is the form tag.  The FORM is basically an HTML element that allows you to pass information from your webpage to the server. Note that you can have more than 1 form on a page! Each form has 2 main parts:

Read more: The FORM tag

HTML Sandbox

A sandbox is a place to play, and there are many virtual sandboxes online.  These are also places to play with specific kinds of code.  An HTML sandbox is a website that allows you to type in some code, and then you can test to see how it looks.  This allows you to experiment with some HTML without having to host any of your files.

A couple of good places to find HTML Sandboxes are: - Strictly HTML only. This will also show you the general structure of a page.  Your HTML will go in between the <body> and </body> tags. - Alows you to experiment with HTML, CSS and Javascript all at the same time.  No page templates have been provided for you, but you can still experiment with the basic tags. - Another bare bones sandbox like JFiddle.  This is strictly for trying out code and will not give you the whole page template.


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