Most of your game will be done as a basic text webpage.  You will need to be able to understand and work with basic concepts in HTML, including struture and syntax an understand how tags work.  Once you are familiar with those ideas, you will be adding in forms, which are ways to pass information from your web browser (client) to the websige (server) where all of the calcualtions and results will be done using the information that you send.  The results will then be presented in a new webpage.  If you want to be able to adjust how the display looks, then Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a good way to format your page.

Summary of things you should know after this section:

Pre-requisite skills:

  • basic structure of HTML
  • HTML tags
  • modifiying/creating a web page using a text editor

Things you will be assessed on:

  • Forms: creating an HTML form within a webpage
  • Forms: adding form elements (input, text area, checkbox, radiobox, drop down menu, hidden)
  • Forms: adding Javascript to change form information (optional)
  • CSS: adding div or section tags to a page
  • CSS: inline CSS
  • CSS: CSS internal sheets
  • CSS: CSS external sheets

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