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Sadly, my website has been without a useful events calendar for the last few months.  Some changes to Google Calendar made the old system unusable, but opened the doors to an alternative; unfortunately, it took me until now to find some time to figure it out and implement it.  Consequently, homework calendars are once again available, and I'll be adding the articles that contain instructions on how to subscribe to the calendars.

Long story short: you can view the calendars with due dates and work directly from your iOS and Android based smart phones.  Instructions to follow shortly!

Note, I'm still in the process of finding the best way to present this information, so if some duplications appear on different calendars, bear with me.

Flex Time

Flex time is student study time that is not restricted to a particular classroom.  Students have the flexibility to work in whatever room they need to, getting help from teachers who are available during this block of time on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

General Flex Time Expectations:

  • Flex Time is class/instructional time – students are expected and required to be in a classroom or designated learning space, under teacher supervision, to meet with teachers for academic/learning support and guidance, to make up tests or assignments, to get ahead in course work, and to work on projects.
  • The transition time before Flex Time is not break time. Students are expected to move quickly to their ‘flex’ block. Students lingering in the hallways will be assigned to a flex learning space by staff.
  • Students must arrive to their Flex Time designation by the second bell (9:45 AM), and remain in the classroom or 

    designated learning space for the full period (40 

    minutes). Students may not leave for another classroom 

    or designated learning space part way through Flex Time.

  • Students may only attend classes for their current 


    Students may be required, at the discretion of any of their teachers, to attend Flex in their classroom to complete overdue work, assignments, tests, etc.
  • Flex Time is not part of a Study Block. Study Block students are expected to be in a learning space during Flex Time before or after their Study Block. 
  • During Flex Time, students will adhere to the classroom 

    rules and to the code of conduct established in each 

    classroom (or by each teacher).

Mr. Yang's Flex Time Expecatations:

  • Flex Time is an electronic device free time.  Any phones that are not put away will be confiscated for the remainder of the day.
  • Students must sign in when they arrive.
  • If you need to borrow a mobile device, there are some iPad Mini's that are available to borrow for the class
  • Students are not allowed to leave the room during Flex Time.  Make sure that you arrive with all of the things that you need and have brought any snacks/drinks that you might want.  Go to the restrooms before Flex Time or wait until it is over

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