By now, you have selected a menu and have surveyed some people for their responses.  However, it would be nice to be able to estimate what your sales will be in a day, or in a month.  You will be using your survey data to make some projections based on this information.

  1. Decide how many seats your restaurant will have.  You will need to choose whether you are opening a small, quaint restaurant (like Ozzie's Deli in Tsawwassen 3-5 tables), a mid sized restaurant that could service a small community (like Mario's Kitchen 6-10 tables) or a much larger restaurant (like White Spot or larger! 11-50 tables!).  We will assume that each table can seat 4 people.
  2. Decide how many hours your restaurant will be open for, as this will determine how many seatings you can manage in a day.  Many restaurants assume that people will sit down for 2 hours while eating dinner, although some people may stay longer, and many will leave earlier.  Based on a 2 hour seating, the number of tables and the length of your hours of operation, calculate the maximum number of people your restaurant could serve in a day.  Using math symbols and a few sentences, explain how you calculated your maximum occupancy.  Then, use this number to also calculate:
    • 50% occupancy: the number of people that you can seat if you are half full
  3. Use proportional reasoning to determine how of each menu item you would need to prepare to meet your full occupancy and 50% occupancy numbers.  For example, if you determine that your full occupancy is 120 customers in a day, calculate how many of each menu item you could expect to sell if you had 120 customers a day and if you had 60 customers in a day.

By the end of this part of your assignment, you should have:

  1. A short sentence explaning how large your restaurant is and how many tables it has
  2. A calculation that shows how many people you can serve at one time
  3. A calculationg that shows how many people you could serve in a day as well as an explanation of how you determine this amount
  4. Your 50% occupancy number
  5. A set of numbers showing how many of each menu item you would serve based on full occupancy and 50% occupancy.  You should decide what might be the best way to present these numbers.  You will need to include an explanation of how you calculated one of these numbers.

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