One of the results of interactions at plate boundaries is the formation of earthquakes.  BC sits near several plate boundaries and as a result, is in an earthquake zone.  Geologists study thepossibility of a  megaquake off the coast of BC regularly because of the potential impact to BC residents. 

Often, their messages are extreme, doom and gloom scenarios, because that is often the only way to reach our politicians and have them do something about it now to stage off more disastrous results later on.  This article: The Big One Could Leave Pacific Rim Countries with No Escape, is just one example.  If the public sits up and takes notice, then our leaders will take notice.  This is just one potential scenario, but there are far more with much less dire consequences.  Just what some of those consequences might be, and how scientists have learned about earthquakes and the structure of the earth are some of the things that you will learn about in today's assignments.


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