Neutralization reactions are only one type of reaction.  There are many different types of chemical reactions that can occur, but we can group them into categories based on their similarities.

Things you should be able to do after today:

  • Identify the type of chemical reaction based on the reactants and/or the products
  • Predict the products in a chemical reaction based on the reactants
  • Balance a chemical reaction


  • Notes
  • Workbook p102-104


  • Read p102-104 of your workbook
  • complete the notes template provided.
  • do p105-106 of your workbook. Indicate the type of reaction and balance the chemical equation
  • do p107-108. Indicate only the type of reaction (we will balance these next class)


  • Check answers to p105-106 in class
  • do test corrections
  • p109-110


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