Assess yourself!  Check to see if you know all of the things that you are supposed to know after completing this chapter:

Chapter 3 Checklist of things to know:

  • The difference between a square and a square root
    • Eg: square of 9 means : find out 9 x 9
    • Eg: square root of 9 means : “what number times by itself makes 9”
  • What is a perfect square?
    • Have square roots with no decimal
    • A whole number squared
  • Use prime factorization to show that a number is a perfect square
  • Estimate a square root and explain your reasoning
  • Pythagorean Relationship
    • Know the hypotenuse
    • Know the equation / formula
    • Use Pythagorean relationship to show that a triangle is a right triangle
    • Find the missing side in a right triangle, and show your work.
    • Solve problems where you need to draw a triangle


  • Review questions are optional, but are a good test to see if you understand all of the concepts: p112 #1-9, 11-17 
  • Unit project: Design your menu (follow the link for assignment criteria)

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