Any sucessful restaurant wants some feedback from the public before they open.  What if you choose to put an item on your menu that nobody wants to buy?  You could be wasting money buying ingredients!  Today, you are going to survey some members of the public to see which items on your menu will be the most popular, and then you will create a visual representation of your results using an appropriate graph.

  1. Create a tally sheet for recording your data.  This could simply be a table with space to write check marks beside each item.  
  2. Show your proposed menu items to people and ask them what they would choose if they were to choose an item from each category.  You should also record the number of people that you surveyed!
  3. Create an appropriate graph showing how many people chose each item from the menu and make 2 conclusions based on this graph.
  4. Write a short paragraph explaining which graph you chose to show your survey results and explain why you chose that method.
  5. Create circle graphs to compare the choices for appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks.  Note: You will need to include 4 separate circle graphs and explain how you convert your fractions to percents

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