While graphs are great visual ways to show your data, sometimes it is possible to make misleading graphs.

You have conducted a survey using your restaurant menu to find out what choices are more popular for appetizers, entrees, deserts and drinks.  You will be constructing 3 misleading graphs to misrepresent the data found in your survey.

  1. Construct a misleading graph using your data to make the most popular appetizer look way more popular.  Explain (using 2 or 3 sentences) how you made the graph look misleading.
  2. Contstruct a misleading pictograph to make the less popular dessert look more popular than the other desserts.  Explain how you made this graph look misleading.
  3. Create a misleading graph using your entrees.  Do not use the same method of making a misleading graph as you used in part 1 or part 2.  Explain how you made this graph look misleading. 

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