In this unit, you will be exploring a number of useful math topics that will be used in our first Unit Project.  This project will incorporate elements from all 4 units and will be worked on a few pieces at a time.  The different parts can be submitted to your teacher for safe keeping, or can be kept by yourself.  In either case, a complete, finished project will be due at the end of the Unit.

Unit 1 Project: The Menu

As part of your unit project, you will be developing a menu for a restaurant and presenting some data that we collect from our restaurant.  The first step is to come up with a name for your restaurant and develop a menu.

Your menu should include:

  • a list of drinks
  • a minimum of 2 appetizers that customers can choose from
  • a minimum of 3 entrees (main meals) that customers can choose from
  • a minimum of 2 desserts that customers can choose from
  • a description of each item and a cost for each

Example Menu

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