Some points to remember:

  • Set up your "Berlin Wall"
  • Strategies to apply:
  1. Replacing known identities
    1. Second degree terms -> Pythagorean Identities
    2. Double Angle Identities should be converted to single angles
    3. Rewrite things in terms of sine and cosine if necessary
  2. Simplifying complex fractions (fancy 1) or combining fractions (common denominator)
  3. Look for GCF's or factors that can be reduced
  4. Look for Binomial conjugates.  Often you can use a "fancy 1" on one side of the wall to make a difference of squares that will turn into a Pythagorean Identity


  • Notes: 6.3(a abd b) Proving Identities


  • p314 #1-7 C1 C2
  • p314 #9-15
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