Today you will see that it is very hard to move with uniform motion, but we can still calculate the average velocity of a person who is trying to move with uniform motion.

Things you should be able to do after today:

  • Plot data on a position-time and draw a line of best fit
  • Calculate the slope from a position time graph and determine what it means


  • no notes today!


  • Walk this way: The assignment has been attached.  If you need data, the data we collected is also attached for each class.
  • You should come get a rubric or print out the attached one.  This should be submitted with your assginment
  • Due next class. 
FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file ( G Data56 kB
Download this file ( H Data53 kB
Download this file (8.4.walk.this.way.pdf)8.4.walk.this.way.pdfWalk This Way Assignment14 kB
Download this file (8.4.walk.this.way.rubric.pdf)8.4.walk.this.way.rubric.pdfMarking Rubric for this assignment8 kB
Download this file (gridpaper.PDF)gridpaper.PDFExtra grid paper3 kB

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