Carbon is the most important element for living organisms on Earth; all life here is carbon based.  Carbon travels through an endless cycle as it is used by living things, is recycled as carbon dioxide and then reintroduced back to living organisms.  Carbon is exchanged through many different processes and today you will learn about some of them.


  • The Carbon Cycle Movie: This is a flash based movie, so cannot be viewed on an iOS device.  You can view the movie here.  As you watch the movie, fill in your worksheet #1.
  • Carbon Stores and Exchanges Movie:  This is also a flash based.  You can see where and how much carbon is stored in the biosphere, as well as how the carbon is exchanged from one carbon store to another.  Load the application here.  Use the information in this interactive flash to complete worksheet #2-4.


  • Complete the worksheets.  You can use information from the two Flash movies shown above.
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