Algebra is a branch of mathematics that works with variables and expressions.  We started looking at expressions and equations when we were working with linear relationships. Today, we will start looking at math as a language, and trying to intepret how english phrases can be converted to mathematical expressions.

Things you should be able to do after today:

  • evaluate expressions by using a substitution step
  • translate simple phrases to expressions using variables


  • coefficent
  • variable
  • constant
  • expression
  • equatoin


  • Notes


  • Worksheet: Evaluating Expressions
  • Worksheet: Translating Engish to Expressions
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Download this file (8.10.0.algebra.tiles.evaluating.pdf)8.10.0.algebra.tiles.evaluating.pdfWorksheet: Evaluating Expressions185 kB
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Download this file (8.10.0.worksheet.translations.pdf)8.10.0.worksheet.translations.pdf 105 kB

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