LearnNowBC is a website that has online resources for Education in BC.  It has some good resources as you prepare for your final exam.  You will be able to do online tests, check your understanding of specific topics, watch instructional videos and get access to online help at various times.  The site is located at www.learnnowbc.ca

From the main menu, you can select the menu option for Students (or follow this link directly: www.learnnowbc.ca/Content/Students.aspx.  You will be looking for the "Online Tutoring" option on this page.

  • Live tutors are available online at specific times of the day
  • Instructional videos are available under the "Charged Up" page
  • "Success Checker" offers some online tests that can help you determine if there are some subjects that you need to review.  It can also help you clear up misconceptions, explaining why you might have picked the wrong answer.


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