Things you need to know how to do in this chapter:

  1. How to add/subtract fractions (for the BEDMAS section)
  2. How to make fractions to lowest terms
  3. How to convert improper fractions and mixed numbers
  4. How to multiply fractions
    • With whole numbers
    • Cross reducing
    • With Improper Fractions and mixed numbers
  5. How to divide fractions
    • With whole numbers
    • With improper fractions and mixed numbers
  6. Order of Operations (BEDMAS)
  7. Mixed operations
    • How to show one step per line!
    • How to write an equation from a word problem
  8. Solve problems involving “time and a half”


  • Practice p236 #1-10, 13-17, 19-22, 24, 26

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