You will be introduced to 3d objects as we begin looking at properties of surface area and volume.

Many people who work with blueprints, design or models have to try and show what a 3 dimensional object looks like using only picutres or 2 dimensional diagrams.  Consider this computer generated model of a cartoon bird:

This design artist felt that it was very important to have 4 different pictures of the bird when working on it.  Think about why there might need to be more than 1 view required to see this 3d object.


Assignment to be completed during class:

  • 5.1 Practice: p168 #3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9
  • Worksheet on 3d Views

Things you should know after today:

  • vocabulary:
    • face
    • vertex
    • edge
    • isometric
  • the 3 main views for a 3d object
  • how to represent a 3d object by drawing the 3 main views and the isometric view
  • how to draw an isometric view from the 3 main views
  • how to draw the 3 main views from the isometric view
  • what the 3 main views will change to look like if the 3d object is rotated in some direction

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