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Keywords to know:

  • Interval
  • Trend
  • Types of graphs
    • Bar graph
    • Double bar graph
    • Pictograph
    • Line graph
  • Circle graph Percentage
  • Horizontal axis (x-axis)
  • Vertical axis (y-axis)
  • Distorted visual
  • Break in the graph

Things we need to know

  • What is each graph best at?
    • What are their advantages
    • What are their disadvantages
    • What kinds of data does each show
  • How to draw a graph
    • Choose a scale for the graph (especially on the vertical axis)
    • How to make the intervals all the same size
  • What makes a graph misleading
    • Explain how a graph is misleading
  • How to critique a graph
    • Does the graph support the data
    • Is the title/conclusion supported by the graph
    • Does it have misleading features?
  • How to use a circle graph to make predictions using the percents
    • example: if you spend 34% of your allowance on candy, and you're monthly allowance is $20, how much should you spend on candy?

Things we might be asked:

  • Draw a graph to show data
    • choose correct intervals on each axis
    • choose a scale that will show the graph best
    • choose an appropriate title for the graph
  • Redraw a misleading graph so that it is no longer misleading
  • Critique a graph
    • Is this the best type of graph to show the data and/or conclusion
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