Welcome to Math 8 with Mr Yang!  

If you need another copy of your Math 8 Notes Package, you can purchase another one from the school or download an electronic version from this site.


  • Ch1 Representing Data
  • Ch2 Ratios, Rates and Proportional Reasoning
  • Ch3 Pythagorean Relationship
  • Ch4 Understanding Percent
    • Ch1-4 Cumulative Exam
  • Ch5 Surface Area
  • Ch6 Fraction Operations
  • Ch7 Volume
  • Ch8 Integers
    • Ch5-8 Cumulative Exam
  • Ch9 Linear Relations
  • Ch10 Solving Linear Equations
  • Ch11 Probability
  • Ch12 Tessellations
    • Final Exam

Course Materials:

Students should come to class complete with the following items:

  • Writing Tool (A pencil is preferred)
  • A calculator
  • Notebook (a 3 ring binder is better as we give regular handouts that are 3 hole punched)
  • Course Textbook (MathLinks 8)
  • Agenda Book (for writing down important dates like upcoming tests and homework)


  • This year, we are offering Notes Booklets to students.  These are coil bound booklets that contain all of the notes templates that we will be using.  $8 has been added to your student fees to cover the costs of these books.  However, the digital version will be available on my webpage if you want to print it out yourself instead.  If you want to print the notes booklet out yourself, please return the Notes Booklet to your teacher and the charges will be removed from your student fees.
  • All course handouts are also available in electronic format on my webpage.  If you are absent, you should be able to find completed notes and any missed handouts there.
  • Student workbook:  An optional student workbook is available from your teachers.  This is designed to supplement your regular textbook questions.  If you want to purchase one, they are $10 and can be obtained from your teacher.

Class Rules/Expectations

  • Be on time!  Students who are regularly late can expect to make up that time at lunch or after school.
  • While many teachers have differing policies with regard to iPods and MP3 players,  those devices are permitted in class AFTER notes are completed and students are just working on homework assignments/seat work.  Volume is expected to be kept at a low volume.  iPods that are too loud or that are being used for games will be confiscated for the remainder of the day.  Note that listening to music is a privilege, not a right.  If your teacher feels that your electronic devices are interfering with your learning, your iPhone/tablet/cell phone may be confiscated and will be kept until the end of the day regardless of how you may be using your device.
  • There is a zero tolerance cell phone policy in the school.  Students using a cell phone in class will have their cell phone confiscated and turned in to the office. 
  • Food and drink are permitted, but students are expected to throw out all garbage before they leave the class room.
  • Students may not leave the room without permission.
  • Respect and tolerance for each other.  I try to respect all student opinions and ideas, and I expect all students to try and extend the same courtesy towards each other. 

Homework and Assignments:

Role Assignments/Warmups:  Students will regularly have a Role Assignment/Warmup Quiz at the beginning of most classes.  Some of these will be collected and marked for assignment marks, while others will be marked by students and reviewed in class.

Textbook work:  Assignments are practice for tests and quizzes and are an important part of the course.  As part of your practice, you should:

  • Complete all homework, showing your reasoning and all work to explain how you arrived at your solution.
  • Check your answers with the back of the textbook.  If you have any that are incorrect, you need to find out what mistake you have made, or what steps you have done incorrectly.  You can check with your textbook, teacher or one of your friends if you are having difficulty.

All homework for each chapter will be collected as a package on the day before the Chapter Test.  It will be checked for completion, organization and to see if all work/reasoning has been shown clearly.  Homework checks will be a determining factor in assessing Work Habits for your report card.




During the year, there are 12 chapter tests and 2 cumulative exams.  There will also be some assignments, warmup quizzes and projects.  These will count for 70% of your overall mark.  Your cumulative exams will count for 10% of your overall mark and the final exam will count for the remaining 20%.  Your overall mark will be calculated a bit differently than many of you are used to.


A mark will be assigned from each chapter, and each chapter will be weighted differently.  You will receive an overall mark for each chapter that incorporates all assignments, quizzes, tests and project work for that chapter.  A mark given for the whole chapter will help you assess whether there are topics you should review at a later date.


It is the policy of the Math Department to not allow students to rewrite tests for marks.  A student may rewrite a test at any time, but it will only be to check to see if they have corrected any gaps in their understanding and will not be used in determining their report card grade.  However, there may be opportunites to demonstrate your understanding/learning other than tests if you are not satisifed with your mark.  Please discuss this with your teacher.  You will be expected to demonstrate that you have done significant work/review in order to earn these opportunities.

Marked tests will be reviewed in class, but students will not be permitted to take them home.  If a student wishes to go over the test outside of class time, they may do so in the classroom only.

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