Slope intercept form is best when you know the y-intercept and the slope of a line, but there are many times, especially when talking about real life situations, that we don't know what the slope or the y-intercept are.

Suppose you have 2 jobs that each pays different hourly wages.  Job X pays $10 per hour, and job Y pays $12 per hour.  How many hours do you need to work at each job to earn $2000?  While the relationship would represent a straight line, it may not be easy to determine the slope and y-intercept immediately.

Today we will learn about the general form: 

Ax + By + C = 0

We will also learn about the 2 special cases:

  • horizontal line
  • vertical line


  • Notes


  • P365 #1, 2-3 (ace), 4-5, #6ace, #7, 10-14, 18, 19, *15, *16, 

After today, you should be able to:

  • change an equation in slope-intercept form into general form
  • use the general form to find the x and y intercepts
  • draw the graph of a line if you are given general form
  • draw graphs of special cases (vertical and horizontal lines)
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