Science is fun, but science is also about being safe.  Scientists plan on leaving work at the end of the day with all of the fingers and toes that they started the day with, which means that they follow set safety rules and guidelines on a regular basis. Often, safety in science is more about things that you should not do, as opposed to things that you should do.

What are some things that you should do to maintain a safe environment? What are some things that you should NOT do?

Today, we will be coming up with a list of safety rules that we will all try and follow. We will look for safety equipment in both the classroom and the Science SuperLab.  Once we are done, we will post the list of rules to our website for future reference.  Remember, this list is not definitive; if there are rules that we feel we should add later, we can also do that.

Assignment: Safety Project

    design a poster (on 8.5x11paper), cartoon, story, play, skit, movie etc...that highlights or demonstrates at least 10 different safety rules for the Science Classroom. You will earn marks for including 10 rules as well as marks for creativity, originality and effort.  Bonus marks may be awarded for exceptional work.


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